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No one plans to make a mistake. But when you're working with people, human error happens. And when the error or accident is part of a larger project, the cost of replacement and repair can mount very quickly. Countryside Insurance offers a very special Professional Liability policy that covers workmanship and design errors… for when life's little surprises aren't so little.

Additionally, as a serious professional who runs your business with integrity and pride, you will very likely qualify for one of our exclusive programs. Working with a variety of insurance companies, we can offer you savings of up to 17%. The coverage is nothing short of excellent, and the discount is based solely on your history as a reputable business. These comprehensive packages were designed based on years of studying the special needs of mechanical contractors so that you will be covered in the areas where claims are most common.

The owners of well-run businesses are very often members of professional associations. Insurance companies also recognize the quality of those companies and offer special plans to their membership. For more information, click here!

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